A Different View

by G-Space

Outer Limits 04:10


Artwork by Michelle Vaquilar, hit her up...

The pulse of our mother’s heartbeat was the first rhythm we heard, and perhaps that’s why we subconsciously enjoy connecting to a musical beat. A great example of collective consciousness is how everybody moves to the music at the beat. This is art binding us together. The same can be seen when we admire a painting, or design. We are observing the same image, connected as one, all with our unique perspectives.  We can see how we are all one because we share an experience. I believe it is possible for art, music, and science to bind all of us in a collective destination.

To be an artist, you must go through your own personal journey and discover your destination. When you show people a different view of life, it often impacts them. If it makes an impact on a lot of people, it connects them all. That’s why I want to call my next album A Different View. I have always seemed to bring new ideas out when I create music, and I believe that is because I am constantly pushing the boundaries of my music. I want people to discover a different view. Our culture focuses on defining, when we should really be refining. We all need a different view. I want that to be the central theme that runs through this line of G-Space media and merchandise.

I believe once we set aside our differences and realize our collective potential we will thrive as one collective society. Life is often a process of elimination. Right now, I see what is not working in our societies (examples include wars, borders, and segregation). We need to eliminate separation, wars, and borders by all collectively coming together to thrive through arts, music, and science. I feel that the concept of “A Different View” relates to science, arts, and music in that it brings a whole lot of the world together. I believe our collective potential is speeding up with the advancement of communication. We talk to each other from different sides of the planet, talk about collective consciousness! If you propagate these exponential trends into the future, we will see a day where more communication and technological change happens in an hour than has ever happened in the previous hundred thousand years.

As always, technology has been a double-edged sword. Since the beginning, fire could be used to cook a meal or burn down an entire village. Having said that, “A Different View” responds with a mission: to expose trash radio and pop music as agents of regressive thought, and to experience the potential of beautiful music combined with technology. The human experience, life, consciousness, existence, can be an experience of isolation at times. Fortunately, we have our senses, which can help connect us. Listening to music connects us at a base level, in that we are all physically experiencing the same auditory stimulus and beat. Looking at art connects us through visuals and discussion. We talk about what the art means to us. We become connected to the artist, to the art, and each other. Practicing science helps connect us, as we continue our journey of looking at everyday life in a new way, a different view.

“The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.” - Albert Einstein


released July 31, 2016

Grady Bergin (production, composition)
AJ Massaro (ukulele)
Mo Yo Dude (executive producer on Glory)
Michelle Vaquilar (Album art)


all rights reserved



G-Space Massachusetts

"Starting off with keyboards as an infant, he taught himself how to improvise on the piano throughout the years. Having this special type of performance has been getting him recognized by many, as he has played Imagine Festival, Ultra Festival, and has just recently finished his ‘Euro-Trip Tour’ which spanned across several countries in Europe."
-The Chronic Electronic Magazine
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